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Far Infra Red or FIR

On each Roxtract® Filtration System is a FIR device, is magnets aligned in such a way as to create a field of constant repulsion and attraction. Simply put, these magnets create a  miniature particle accelerator. As the filtered water passes through this field all the molecules of the water, minerals and oxygen “rev up”. Meaning they vibrate at a higher rate (also known as frequency). These molecules of a higher vibration are more vital, smaller in size and serve to “rev up” all the matter with which they come in contact. Natural law  states:  All things in nature strive to be similar. For example: two grandfather clocks in close proximity will eventually tic in unison. Meaning your body composed of 83% water will eventually rise in frequency to meet the vibration of the water you are drinking, one reason why the more you drink the better. In effect, you “rev up” your entire body.  Roxtract® Mineral, FIR treated water is vital, living and high frequency, this is why drinking Roxtract® water gives you more energy and helps in weight loss.  Since your body  is 83% and more water, you become more vital and healthy.